How To Get That Beautiful Hair

Unfortunately most of us don’t notice the problems we have with our hair or don’t even know what we are doing harm to our hair until it’s too late. We grow up running around and playing outside oblivious to the harm the UV rays are doing to our hair and skin. Mommy brushing through our hair with force, making us believe that’s the way we are supposed to brush our hair, not realizing all that hard brushing is just pulling and braking our hair, throw some unnecessary, unconventional hair dye in there as soon as you go to Jr. High and you have a receipt for disaster, over processed hair. Like most women who have been here you know the only way to “fix” damaged, frizzy hair is with heat. Excessive blow drying and a various hair straightening treatments, such as the Brazilian blowout or┬ákeratin hair treatment are used in order to temporarily “fix” this problem. However, no matter how good the hair straightening is, it is not a permanent hair straightening process and it will have to be done every 4-5 months, like life long medication from the Dr., you don’t want a band aid, you want hair to look good again with out the processes and treatments.

keratin treatment

Fix That Hair

Fixing your hair can be frustrating and problematic and can require a tremendous amount of patience. First things first, your going to have to let your hair grow out, naturally and with out heat or any processing treatments. Needless to say depending on how long your hair is it can be a long process and quitting and getting a quick keratin hair treatment can be tempting, but don’t do it, hang in there. By sticking with it and throwing in some healthy nutrient rich oils and deep conditioning, your hair will start to look better naturally, right out of bed with out any processed additives. Once all is done your hair will look better, fuller and shinier than ever and with out having to go to the salon every 4 months for a Brazilian hair treatment and having to get all the Brazilian blowout products, which is not only going to save you time, but it’s also going to save you money. Not to mention your hair is going to be all yours, nothing fake or having to get done by professionals.